Seeds of Truth Taking Root

Hello my friends! 

Let me just say, I’m so glad to be back in this little spot - I have loved putting this newsletter together for you and sending it out, so thank you for reading! 

I have some good and helpful and encouraging things ahead for you:

Let’s start with some *really* beautiful and good news

On April 8, our daughter Aven became a believer and a follower of Jesus! It has been evident that God has been working on her heart especially over the past year. What a joy to see the seeds of Truth take root in her heart! Brandon had the honor of baptizing her at our church on April 25 in front of family, friends, and our church family; it was such a special day. 

A planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. I can’t wait to watch her grow in faith. He who has now began a good work in her will see it through!

Homeschool Report 

As conversations come up about school this fall, I have been asked what our plans are. The short answer is that we are sticking with the homeschool life!

When schools were announcing their plans for the fall of 2020 due to Covid, our family (along with a small group of local friends) decided to homeschool for the year instead. I could tell you all of the reasons, but essentially - it’s where God lead us. We thought it would be temporary, but then a funny thing happened over the last 9 months: We totally fell in love with it. 

I’m looking back now realizing what an incredible gift we were given: we got to taste what life would be like as a homeschool family without the pressure of committing to anything beyond one year. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to expect.

But now we know!
Now we know how rich, vibrant, integrated, & holistic education can be. 
Now we know how it can slow your pace, simplify your life, & offer all kinds of freedom. 
And now that we know, we’re sure this method of schooling is right for us, until God shows us otherwise.

If you’ve homeschooled for any length of time, I’d genuinely love to hear your feedback on this:  What’s the thing that you integrated into your daily, weekly, or yearly rhythm that you’re so glad you did? It can be academic or doesn’t have to be. (You can just hit reply to this email and I’ll get your response). 

*I’ll be sharing a curriculum/year in review on my blog soon that will discuss what we used in our first year and what we thought of it. 

Other news:

  • Finn had a minor neck injury while he was playing back in March. Thankfully, he is fine! I have more to tell in regards to this story, but it’ll be in the next newsletter. 

  • Elowyn will turn TWO later this month! How can it be?

  • We officially sold our house in mid-April. We haven’t found any land yet, but we’re grateful we have somewhere to live in the meantime, and are trusting that the Lord is preparing something for us. 

Things we’re loving as a family:

Something helpful I learned recently

If you don’t already know about her, Sharon McMahon has become known by the internet as “America’s Government Teacher”. She recently discussed healthy news consumption boundaries, citing that it’s best to read it only. Not watch or even listen to it.

Interestingly, she shared that people’s mental health is greatly impacted in a negative way when you watch the news (even if it’s for just a few minutes!) In contrast, reading the news allows your brain to process and synthesize the content, rather than being inundated and barraged by it. I think this explains my aversion to television news!

Sharon recommends Reuters news source. The most consistent way I read/keep up with the news is via The Pour Over email newsletter. Here’s a link to try it out. Another helpful source is AllSides - they give an overview of headlines from the Left, Center, & Right. Pretty intriguing to see the differences!

Be encouraged!

Let’s pray over our own hearts and our children’s hearts - that they would be of good soil, prepared for seeds of Truth to be planted and take root. That we would hear the Word and understand it, that we would produce good fruit - for our good and His glory. Amen? [Based on Matthew 13; the Parable of the Sower]

How can I be praying for you? Just reply to this email (or text me!) to share.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Talk soon,