a radiant life


Welcome to my newsletter! I’m Shanna — a Believer, wife of 12 years to Brandon, and work-from-home mom pursuing the kind of radiant life we’ve been called to by God.

The purpose of this newsletter is ultimately to encourage you and continue to share life with you. The things I used to talk about and share via social media will instead land here - but even more thoughtfully and personally. I hope to use this space to encourage us all to get un-stuck by continuously setting our eyes on God’s glory. In doing so, our lives shine rightly as they should - in our relationships, our work, our parenthood, our every day.

I’m looking forward to sharing things like: stories, encouragement, pictures, homeschool life, motherhood thoughts, some theology thoughts, what I’m reading and listening to, what’s currently saving my life, and other odds & ends that I think you’ll find helpful.

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